"I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in November 2015 with metastasis to the lung and liver.  Surgery to remove the diseased middle lobe of my right lung was scheduled for in April 2016.  I had lost a lot of weight, had digestive issues, pain in my back and poor balance and very weak.  It was suggested that I get into an exercise program to build some muscle, etc.  My husband and I talked to a couple of trainers before we met Scott.  He listened to my reason for wanting a physical trainer, then he asked a lot of questions.  We were impressed by his positive attitude, his knowledge of physical conditioning for those of us who have cancer and want to stay active and healthy.    Scott worked with me twice a week and little by little he would gently move me to meet or exceed my goals.  I started eating better, sleeping better and was always ready to work with Scott, whose positive attitude and can do spirit was infectious!  Following lung surgery in April, I had a lengthy recovery period that prevented me from working out.  I also had subsequent procedures requiring hospitalization, and each time I became weaker and weaker and continued to lose weight.  Fortunately my husband contacted Scott and they agreed that I had to get back to exercising.  I started seeing Scott again twice a week and I slowly began to regain my appetite.  I had problems at times but Scott is a master at changing the work out if I have pain or muscle spasms.  

My family and my doctors have been amazed and quite pleased with the physical and mental changes that have occurred since I started working with Scott.  Now when I am hospitalized for a procedure I am home the following day instead of the 5 days before I started working out with Scott.  I walked at least 3 days per week this past summer and will continue to walk at the gym this winter.  I recommend Scott if you want a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer that is empathetic, positive and inspiring.  He has changed my life!"

Dee P.

"I have been working out with Scott for a year now and couldn't be happier with his training methods and my results.  I'm 47 years old and have been working with various trainers since I was 40.  Several of my previous trainers were in their early 20's and although their routines they designed for me were challenging they didn't take into consideration my age and health history.  On many occasions I would emerge from my training activity somewhat injured from a lack of proper technique.  Scott has taught me proper form when exercising and is constantly watching me for breakdowns in my technique which could lead to injury and discomfort.  He understands my physical boundaries and puts an emphasis on having me connect my mind and body to ensure healthy development.  I am looking forward to accomplishing all of my physical goals with Scott in 2017.  I know he won't let me forget my goals and will lead me to them workout by workout.  Loving my fitness life! "

Steve B.

"I've trained with Scott and PLU Fitness for the last 3 months.  Scott is a great trainer and motivator!  I'm a young athlete that needed help with footwork to become faster and more agile.  Scott has taught me proper technique and several drills that I can do on my own.  Scott always has a positive attitude and encourages me to work hard!"

Brad K.

"I've been going to Scott and PLU Fitness for the past 16 months and I really enjoy working out with Scott's guidance!  Scott focuses on being healthy both physically and psychologically.  Scott is always flexible and does everything he can to meet my needs!"

Ryan L.

"I have been working with Scott for 2 years and I can honestly say that he is by FAR the best trainer I have ever worked with!  He is all the things you expect from a trainer (knowledgeable, energetic, good at motivating, attentive) and then some!  He is genuinely invested in helping me accomplish my goals, which have evolved and become more lofty since I began working with him.  You see, I have been CRUSHING my goals as I have worked with Scott and I have realized that I can challenge myself in ways I never thought were possible.  He also is very conscientious about proper technique and avoiding injury--if something is bothering me or if I'm having difficulty with keeping proper form, he is adept at making adjustments to the routine in real time.  Scott checks in with me regularly even on days I'm not exercising with him just to make sure I am staying on track.  In short, HE'S AWESOME!

Tess K.

"At first glance, a C.P.A. who pursues a career in the fitness industry is a bit unusual.  That is until you experience the outcome of when analytics meet execution; high intensity meets evaluation and researched methods meet gut wrenching, real life application.  Results are the ultimate metric!  I am a mid 40's male who has been training with Scott for about a year.  I can now do 30 pull ups in a row, 80 pushups in a row, run marathons, and my technique is excellent!  I look better, feel better, have less injury and perform better.  And Scott practices what he preaches.  He is the epitome of physical fitness himself. 

If you want ordinary results, hire an ordinary trainer.  If you are ready to be pushed way beyond your comfort zone, if you are ready to realize what you are truly capable of, if you are ready to trade in average for extraordinary, you owe it yourself to partner with Scott and PLU Fitness!"

Ryan G.

"As an avid competitive cyclist, I have always struggled to remain motivated to strength train at the end of a long season when cold Nebraska winter weather rolls in.  I would aimlessly lift weights for a few weeks before boredom eventually squashed all my enthusiasm.  Each spring, I lamented all the missed opportunities to work on my off-season conditioning.  Enter Scott and PLU Fitness.  My wife was one of Scott's first clients.  She made incredible fitness gains in a very short period of time and was having fun at the same time.  She kept trying to persuade me to join them and allow Scott to help me reach my fitness goals.  Eventually, I relented and joined them.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Nine months later I have completely overhauled my physique, adding considerable muscle mass and dropping my body fat percentage in the process.

Scott has consistently prevented the dreaded plateau that has plagued me in the past.  He changes the workouts every 5 - 6 weeks to keep things fresh and work on new areas of fitness.  He is very adept at keeping me injury free and continually motivated.  Scott listens to his clients and tailors the workout to the preferences of his clients and what they wish to accomplish.  In summary, I recommend PLU Fitness without reservation and believe that his individualized plans will help you reach your fitness goals!"

Sean K.